About me

Hello! :O)

The important thing about me that you need to know at this point is my diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis). During approximately the last three years, I was searching and trying various ways to get rid of this disease. This effort brought me a lot of experience and knowledge that I have absorbed during my journey.

The result of my journey to health is the fact that I have not taken any pills, have not had any health problems for a year and I feel great.

I began to feel a very strong inner urge (we are talking about feelings) to share my experience in this way in August 2015. I think it would have helped me and made my life easier if I had found a similar site at the beginning of my illness. It shows the journey towards a healthier life for everyone, not only for those diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. Perhaps my journey to health will help you as well.


P.S. the photo shows my attempt at non-verbal communication, or ‘that vegetable fresh is absolutely fabulous’ :o)


I wish to put a stress on a fact, that I don't claim, that I have a definitive cure for everybody, because everybody is different. Please consider all here as an inspiration. It is up to you only, to take whatever you like. I don't mean to offend anybody, who already knew and/or tried any of provided information and didn't work for them. I also deeply respect everybody fighting IBD by any other means. Wish you all the best!

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