my story   

part 3. finding the right way         



Although each chapter makes sense on its own, I believe that the greatest benefit is provided by following my relatively longer story gradually as I was gaining experience and knowledge chronologically. The mosaic of stories and sequences thus makes more sense.

My Story

part 3. finding the right way



Honza had gone through a lot with his body – had many different inflammations and intestinal complications and returned to health from everything by himself, so he was a great inspiration and source of encouragement for me. Knowing that it is possible to recover from more difficult conditions than my own was a strong boost and encouragement throughout my journey. In addition to awealth of experience with, fasts and a strict vegan diet, which according to Honza were excellent for health, he ate aPaleo diet for a year. One of his recommendations was also a comment on the Paleo diet. He said that the blood type diet suitedhim more compared to the Paleo diet. The blood type diet helped him to select around 25% of the best from a large number of dishes. Anyway, after searching for this diet, I discovered that I had somehow walked myself toward what I was also recommended for me (fish, white chicken and turkey meat, lots of vegetables for blood type A+, i.e. everything I like). At the same time, peanuts were also surprisingly recommended me, whereas a whole chapter in the Paleo book was devoted to their harmfulness. This fact reduced the credibility of the author of the diet. Therefore, I mention the previously unknown to me blood type diet here without any guaranteed source of it being a proper diet on the Internet, so take this information as inspiration, the best option is to verify and try it all yourself. Maybe this diet will fit you.

What helped Honza to recover the most according to his own words were three things: drinking ionized (alkaline) water, enemas (bowel washout) and fasts.

I don’t have nearly as much experience with fasts as Honza. As for fasts, I have excellent experience so far with only one-day fasts saving me more than once from imminent illness. Anyway, this topic has recently appeared in my life several times, it is very attractive to me from the spiritual aspect, and I feel that I will look into this hungry window deeper soon. For those interested, I briefly mention what Honza said: ‘Starvation is probably the best thing one can do for his/her body in terms of both physical and spiritual cleansing. But beware, it’s not for everyone, it might not be good for women as far as hormones are concerned and it also depends on the constitution. Regular shorter fasts suit thin individuals more, while heavier people may choose longer fasts.’ I am already looking forward to this topic, and I have the ‘fasting bible’ by MUDr Partyková entitled Fasting for Health ready for studying in more detail (in the past, I just skimmed through the book), it really comprehensively discusses this phenomenon. English books and their authors, from which MUDr. Partyková also came from, are p.e. these: The Fasting Cure by Upton Sinclair, Fasting Can Save Your Life by Herbert M. Shelton or Miracle of Fasting: Proven Throughout History for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Rejuvenation by Mr. and Mrs. Bragg.

Update: I finished reading the book and the doctor and her experience are very impressive. It convincingly shows direction to recovery even from heavy illness. I have done several 36h fastings, and it is an experience I recommend with the book as well for everyone.
Nowadays i also read David Klein's book Self Healing Colitis and Crohn, which is also very convincing (99% of people recovered by following his methods). D. Klein himself had advanced form of UC, from which he healed himself, he has 25 years experience in "health science" and holds a Ph.D. in the "Natural Health and Healing". From the book I have so far found, that adequate sleep, avoiding the toxic habits and vegan diet cause the body to heal itself without the (chemical) drugs. I highly recommend this book to everybody as well.
[Update March 2016: I've dedicated whole part to this book down there.]

On Ionized Water

To avoid suspicion of ill-concealed hidden advertising, I’ll be completely honest and outline Honza’s story like from a fairy tale: he suffered from illnesses, didn’t know what to do anymore, and visited a ‘healer’, Mr Zajíček (more about him later), who had been making home-made ionized water in a bath by means of electric current and two plates. Honza ordered a water ionizer from abroad because he discovered it was not produced in or imported to the Czech Republic and said it was the best invested (considerable) money in health which had been confirmed by his wife as well. Drinking alkaline water has many benefits. In the end, Honza founded a business for selling ionizers (the first in the country) and he sells them. A large amount of information about the water itself, water quality, filtration, ionization, pH, ORP (oxidation/reduction potential), etc. can be found on his website. Given that I met Honza on a business trip and having four days to get to know each other sufficiently not only in a working group, and since I perceived him very humanly, positively and as a person being on the same page, I believed what he said was true and bought one ionizer from him.


Drinking ionized water was the first ‘energy kick’ that I got (other ‘kicks’ were provided by the enemas and vegetable juices). Given that I was definitely not brimming with energy owning to the carb-lacking Paleo diet, this kick was rather easily noticeable – I didn’t need to sleep that much, I felt full of energy and desire to do something meaningful. It worked even early in the morning on weekends, when I once enjoyed sleeping in.

If you are a sceptic, I can inform you that my mom’s partner, who received a RNDr. in Chemistry and does it for a living, and who certainly is a sceptic, commented on the explanation of the effects of drinking alkaline water on the body saying that the processes described are true, and it is indeed the case. If even that isn't enough, you can read any of articles on ionized water. And if you're more of a scientific type, you will be interested in scientific studies and studies on the effects of alkaline water and acidic water.

The ionizer is nothing more than a device for electrolysis when the alkaline or acidic water of optional pH scale is produced on the negative or positive pole/plate. We like the ionized water (it is finer, as from a stream) as opposed to tap water which we don't like anymore. (The tap water in the Czech Republic is qualitatively good; search for a "water analysis" in your town, and if you want to get rid of even the legally stipulated threshold values ​​of unhealthy elements, you can get a nanofiltration freeing water completely from all harmful elements.) I take a bottle of ionized water to work every day and when we go somewhere for a longer time, my girlfriend and I take what is reasonably possible with us.  I bought one ionizer for my family, too. Our bodies are comprised of about 56 to 58% water which facilitates numerous body processes, thus being concerned with what and in what quality (ca. 2–3 litres a day) we drink make sense. That's why I find investing in an ionizer an investment in health.

I have been drinking the ionized water from October 2014 and I won’t stop doing so. Regarding the (although irrelevant but) good taste of the ionized water, I haven’t found it different from normal water right from the beginning thinking it was quite normal. I knew the difference only after I was drinking it for a few days and then drank some tap water, easily identifying a mild unpleasant taste of the latter. Through this comparison, I found I actually like the ionized water. Some (our several visitors) like it too and recognize its mildness from the first taste; not me, however.

On Hair Elemental Analysis      UP

This method was also recommended by Honza. Any specific or improper diet can cause that the body will lack some element or mineral which can have a cascading effect on health. Hair analysis provides a comprehensive assessment of health status and determination of the characteristics of metabolism. The aim of the analysis is to find possible deficiencies and prevention. The results of the analysis may determine susceptibility to certain diseases, promote the treatment and explain disorders occurring in various diseases. Based on the results, you are offered individual nutrition recommendations, including nutritional supplements (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) aimed at improving health. In practice, you fill out a questionnaire, send it with half of your hair, pay by credit and the results will come via an email. As for the half of your hair, it was a joke and control of your vigilance/attention while reading; they need only a teaspoon-size amount. The results will come in the form of a thesis because they contain the elemental analysis result, ratios of elements and their interpretation, description of metabolic type (8 parameters) with extensive commentary, supplementary nutrition and prevention programme draft, energy balance with the recommended physical activity, diet (essential components of the diet), detailed diet for 7 days including recipes and a description of a mineral metabolism. An example of this report is provided by the afore mentioned website under ‘Example Result’. 

My results showed what I felt and that a strict Paleo diet, as I started it from day to day, was an incorrect and monotonous diet for me leading to several elements or their ratios beyond their recommended values. Now, when I see it from the perspective of my thinner body having A+ in its veins and preferring a lighter vegetable/meat diet, it’s clear to me that the Paleo diet based mostly on proteins and fats isn’t good for me. I included the supplements recommended by the hair analysis in my diet for some time and later, when I switched to eating more vegetables (despite the residue-free diet), I let the supplements gradually fade out. I still have some at home, and take a nibble from time to time.


I have one related cautionary example: some pharmacies sell vitamin C containing an E number (a colouring agent) of harmfulness level 3 (according to the NutriAtlas). Asking for another brand, the outcome was similar. To the third request for ‘vitamin C without any additives, colourings and flavourings’, I got what I wanted from the beginning ‒ pure vitamin C. So, it is better to check what you’re buying even in the pharmacies because you can be offered e.g. a vitamin with really unnecessary flavouring/colouring chemical components unsuitable for children, allergy sufferers and people sensitive to chemicals in food. And this is just one example that I discovered. Only in October 2015, I learned from Honza that you can buy ascorbic acid used in food industry, a pure vitamin C or acid-free vitamin C (calcium ascorbate). Both cost in a raw form about 1/10 to 1/100 of what you’d pay in a pharmacy.

One of the outcomes of the analysis was the recommendation of the essential components of the diet according to their importance in this order: boiled vegetables, porridge, rice (I don’t eat), pasta (I don’t eat), fish, white meat, raw vegetables, nuts and seeds, dairy products (I eat home-made kefir only) and fruit. This suggestion is, of course, individual, and I only mentioned it for you to get a better idea. To the hair analysis diet and recipe suggestion, I add that, unfortunately, they did not pay attention to the fact that I was on a gluten-free diet stated in the questionnaire. I find the analysis itself to be a very practical and comprehensive form of determining the status of these health parameters. I recommend it.

Before I get to another section dedicated to the enemas, I will mention only briefly the website of Mr Zajíček, who is Honza’s friend and who has been involved in lifestyle, diet and general health cleansing for a couple of decades. I read his website from the beginning to the end (except for the rich discussion forum) and I absolutely recommend you do the same. Mr Zajíček is mentioned just shortly as his fount of wisdom and experience is much deeper than my puddle; I often drew from his knowledge, tested his methods and procedures and adjusted a diet according to his model in many respects. There is thus no reason to restate anything that has already been provided on his rich website that I again recommend. I will mention only my insights and experience on the subject, which has described in detail. 

On Enemas

I talk about enemas naturally and openly with people asking me questions regarding health. After the dozens of enemas I’ve been through, I can say that filling fluid into your own colon after, say, 3 enemas becomes a routine probably similar to scratching your nose, even for a complete enema rookie. Really. My goal is to remove the stigma on this topic and to open people’s eyes because the enema is a powerful method for health. It was a big unknown for many as they couldn’t imagine its implementation, let alone know the not only physically profound aspect. Those without-self-reflection, theorists rejecting this method or mocking it in self-defence in the absence of the slightest experience, simply lack information about its benefits, confidence in providers of the information or lack the motivation to improve their own health. However, most of the immune system resides in the bowel; furthermore, an inappropriate e.g. gluten containing diet leads to failure of the intestinal wall which in turn leads to an increase in autoimmune diseases which are ‘surprisingly’ booming despite the current quality of products and the rate of their consumption. Other unsuitable types of food or improper combinations promote inflammation in the body, the bowel included. The state of your bowel can be easily identified by the skin and its purity (pimples, eczema), which is used by the body for leaching of contaminants if the standard holes aren’t enough. Moreover, our diet has an effect on the bowel as well – a fast lifestyle, lack of fluids, vegetables, movement and the fact that the body is confused by reading in the toilet instead of doing our bodily needs; this all contributes to problems with bowel movements, irregularity or constipation. Subsequent unhealthy accumulation, even rotting of food scraps can’t be overlooked because of our gas production. Help in toilet activity may not necessarily be a squatty potty (with already removed totally incredible video ad) but perhaps a redundant similarly-sized printer.


Enema Set

Or, in a nutshell: taking care of your bowel, its cleanness and passability has a huge importance on your health. Enema maintenance means maintaining, cleaning but also giving the bowel space to regenerate. In practical terms, it’s simple and it’s good to visit the toilet prior to it. Emphasis is placed on the proper temperature of an enema so that it is just right (check by dipping a finger) because if it is too hot/cold, it’s uncomfortable for the intestine, slightly irritating and keeping everything inside will be a little harder. Ease of filling the intestine is supported by being in a really curved position such as the kneeling position on Mr Zajíček's website shows, where the fluid naturally flows into the intestine due to gravity and at the speed set by you (a tap on a tube). Filling the intestine shouldn’t hurt; so if you feel even a hint of a pressure, stop the flow or at least slow it down, until the fluid doesn’t bubble out through the intestine and the pressure disappears. Then, continue with the filling. In terms of volume, you can start on lower volumes such as 0.5 litres to try it really isn’t a big deal, and increase it gradually. Or you can try 2l immediately, if they can fit into you.

After filling, I do a handstand for a while (maybe 10s) and then lie down on the right side to get the fluid as far as possible into the intestine with the help of the gravity, which you know by bubbling (15-second homework: find a picture of length/shape of the bowel on the Internet to understand my gymnastics with a filled stomach). I lie on my right side several (at least 10) minutes in order to better dissolve the intestinal contents of its walls. I go to the toilet immediately afterwards or even later, depending on the length of the article/video I read/watch lying on my right side. The whole procedure with the subsequent emptying and a shower lasts no longer than 30 minutes. There is really nothing to worry about and the benefits are soon felt at least in the form of reduced fatigue and increased energy. It makes sense to take enemas completely – i.e. one enema every day of the first week, every other day of the second week, every second day of the third week, etc., until you do an enema just once a week. I had two such enema ‘blocks’ in the last year. In the long term, it is beneficial to flush the sediments and rotting residues in the folds from the intestine once in a while (as you feel it intuitively).

The fluid used for the enema is a chapter in itself. You can use e.g. chamomile (it is somewhat delicate for the intestine), lemon (cleansing and powerful), coffee (cleansing and even strongly detoxifying the liver) and others... As far as enemas are concerned, Mr Zajíček mentioned a detailed procedure  including photos of used containers and a discussion forum with the experience of other people.

To conclude, I repeat that I felt a surge of energy in my life thanks to the enemas and I owe my (not only intestinal) health to them.

Regarding the enemas, I mention a Regeneration centre founded by my friend who is an incredible creature and whom I absolutely trust. Treatment method, which also helped the people to whom traditional doctors diagnosed a very brief prospect of life, is a combination of Gerson therapy (which activates the body’s self-healing ability by getting the large amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other vital nutrients from freshly squeezed juices consumed each day; these substances work in the body on repairing tissue and the overall regeneration of all vital organs, while toxins are eliminated from the body by using coffee enemas) and conscious work with the mind (focusing primarily on your ability to recognize the primary factor of your health condition – your internal settings and addictive mental patterns through which any of your personal experiences are filtered). Therefore, they work with you holistically from both sides, both from the perspective of proper nutrition and detoxification and through conscious work with the mind. I admit I have no personal experience with the Regeneration Centre, yet the methods mentioned are in brief what I’m in length describing on this site; moreover, you are led by more experienced people.

On Food Supplements

Honza was also an inspiration to me, as far as food supplements are concerned. On his other websitehe offers supplement packages – a cleansing treatment for the intestine with described benefits, which I went through in October 2014, but I felt no change subjectively.Furthermore, I was recommended to use L-glutamine, which is known more by athletes, but which has a beneficial effect on bowel disease as well. It is an amino acid produced by our own body and largely occurring in it. The largest consumers of L-glutamine in the body are kidney and intestine cells. Although this is not an essential fatty acid, it can become essential when the body under  strain or gastrointestinal disease occurs. L-glutamine mitigates the severity and incidence of these diseases. Even though I didn’t feel the benefits on the intestine (as opposed to faster muscle recovery after exercise), I have confidence in Honza and this and this article.

Another supplement I use based on Honza’s recommendation is hydrolyzed collagen which, although also being used in fitness, I believe (and Mr Zajíček claims it contributes to the regeneration of the intestine since its wall comprises collagen, in addition to benefits for tendons, ligaments, hair, nails and skin.

A supplement that I use only occasionally or am finishing rather, is ‘Good natural raw’ hemp protein which I included at the time of the Paleo diet in order to have enough proteins and which I use on occasional vegetarian days as a tasty form of proteins.

As for other options, I used some vitamins and minerals recommended in the hair analysis report, I buy green barley and chlorella once in a while (not of Chinese quality but the quality of Green Ways). However, given the long-term regular consumption of vegetable juices, fresh vegetable and fruit, I don’t think it’s a downright need to overdo it with the two mentioned supplements when vegetables and fruits contain everything in its natural form.

I’ve gone through this tremendous benefit to my health due to my meeting with Honza. To summarize it briefly, we have been drinking ionized water since the beginning of October 2014, the effect of which I felt with increased energy which I could recognize easily after astrict Paleo diet, which was not quite suitable for me. I felt another surge of energy after substantial amount of enemas I’ve done. Now (October 2015), I have the enema ca. once every 2 months.

Other Experience

Other experiences I have gained during the search and testing include mainly the methods and procedures from the comprehensive website of Mr Zajíček. These include my struggle against a yeast named Candida Albicans, fluid intake change, kefir (Tibetan) fungus and cleansing by salt water...

Candida Albicans

It is a part of the body and is generally harmless unless overpopulated. The overpopulation can be caused by a weakened immunity, disturbed inner balance, use of contraceptives and antibiotics, stress, poor nutrition, excess of sugar, alcohol, medicines and drugs. If Candida gets out of control, it can cause many health complications, such as: abdominal bloating and/or pain, white coating on the tongue or inside of the mouth, itching anus, chronic sinusitis, a constant feeling of fatigue, hair loss, appetite for sweets, heartburn, bloating, indigestion, yeast infection of intimate places, increased sensitivity to mould, moisture, pollution, cigarettes and certain odours, cutaneous fungal infections, muscle and joint pain, urinary tract infection, fatigue after waking up, weight loss or, on the contrary, weight gain.  

As for getting rid of candidiasis, coffee enemas, diet (I found one interesting table), and more helps. I will not develop this great topic here; there are several websites dedicated to it in detail. I just wanted to point out that the cause of health and intestinal problems can be found in the issue of yeast or parasites. For more information, visit the discussion forum on Mr Zajíček site or the site on healthy intestines

Fluid Intake

I already mentioned the importance of water in the body in the section on ionized water. I’ll add a link to information on fluid intake  from Mr Zajíček and say only that I try to follow it.I didn’t get to such large volumes as Mr Zajíček did. This means that after awakening and at least 30 minutes before breakfast, I gradually drink at least 0.5–1 litre of fluid (ionized water or vegetable juice, or green barley with L-glutamine and hydrolyzed collagen dissolved in the ionized water or a combination of the former). I drink another 0.5–1 litre of fluids before noon. So when I drink more, I know my body will have enough fluids for a large part of the day if I can’t drink because of professional or sporting reasons. For each additional drink, I always keep an interval of at least those 30 minutes prior to eating and only drink ionized water during the day and sometimes vegetable juice in the afternoon or evening. And it’s basically everything I’ve been drinking since October 2014.

I don’t drink any sweet or fizzy sodas, alcohol disgusts me due to the information about it and I don’t like or miss it anymore anyway, just as I don’t miss drinking tea. The only tea I drink rarely is home-made matcha or ginger with lemon or green tea in a restaurant. I follow the intake (I take 1.5 litres of ionized water to work which I usually drink during working hours) and feeling that I pour something that heals me into my body, I have no problem drinking more than before, when I didn’t listen that much to my thirst and body (I successfully ignored dry mouth and sometimes a strange feeling occurring in the kidney area in the past while working on a PC). In the long term, I have clear urine (which means plenty of fluids; the less fluid, the darker the urine is); I was even surprised once in the toilet when I hadn’t drunk so much – I had totally forgotten that urine may be yellow.

This increased fluid intake makes me feel fine and I even noticed that I changed my approach to the sun, summer and higher temperatures. I didn’t like much heat in the past; I was sweating a lot, avoided the sun and preferred staying in the shade. The most striking example/change was in the summer of 2015, when the temperatures reached over 35 °C and while walking around town with 3 other people, I was surprised that they all complained about the heat and sweating while I felt normal and comfortable. (I perceive the sun as a source of vitamin D important for immunity and intestines – see ‘The Sun Can Save Lives (roughly similar article in english here)– and thanks to beta-carotene, which I have a sufficient amount of as I consume enough vegetables, I sometimes deliberately expose myself to it.)

I also know that the adequate hydration in the morning will help me handle the day’s load when I have only half of a 2l CamelBak left after a one-day trek in the summer sun, on the hills with a large backpack. Apparently, my body is exceptionally hydrated because the examination by the CARSI Scientific and Service Department of PE and Sports, which I had the opportunity to participate in the work, found 61% water in my body. A guy performing the examination was surprised because he had supposedly never seen this before (normal value is 56–58%). I any case, I feel good and don’t perceive those 3% in any way, and (attention, the following is a reflection based on nothing) given that newborns have a body of 70% of water and seniors only of 50%, I am glad that I’m still closer to the start of my life at my 35 years of age.


I tried this method once and it’s relatively easy to handle. In short, it is a complete cleansing of the digestive system using salted water in large quantities. Compared to the enemas, we get rid of e.g. even a dysbiosis in the stomach or small intestine where the enema can’t reach. Oddly enough, I didn’t have a problem to drink such large amounts of salted water because I became a water heater and not a water reservoir. What I found uncomfortable was the salinity of the water. Although I used half the dose of salt as instructed for my first Shankhaprakshalana, knocking back more and more cups of salted water was the hardest. Nevertheless, I managed and left the toilet after a complete cleansing. I point out that it is necessary to follow the exact procedure and the subsequent recommended diet. 

Kefir (tibetan) fungus

Mr Zajíček called it Miraculous Kefir and Kefir – A Gift from the Gods (similar articles in english are p.e. here and hereand described its many benefits. In short, this is the cure almost for everything, seriously. Among the truly rich list of the positive effects of drinking this delicious kefir on the body is included e.g. treating bowel inflammation and bowel disease, external and internal  inflammations, lactose allergy, candidiasis; it also favourably affects cholesterol, balance of intestinal flora, comprises mainly B-group vitamins. Many more positives are mentioned in the above references or here with contacts on people who often give it to you even for free. We have the fungus at home and drink kefir every day. We have had variety of people to try it and almost all of them liked its creamy sweet-and-sour taste that is highly variable according to the length of the process, the amount of fungus used, the temperature and milk (semi-perishable reduced-fat or whole milk is used – the fattier the milk is, the creamier the kefir becomes). 


The fungus grows rapidly, thus it was possible to give it to many people upon their request including my whole family, many friends and colleagues at work who also praise it. Thanks to the secondary fermentation, people who are lactose intolerant can drink it as well. I like the Tibetan kefir fungus a lot and it is the only dairy product I consume. I warmly recommend

Food pH

In an effort to fight inflammation, I found one of the previously unknown aspects to me and that is the pH of food. An acidic environment promotes inflammation, diseases and is connected with the ‘diseases of affluence’.  In contrast, an alkaline environment in the body is regenerative and supports growth. The Internet contains a wealth of information including different and sometimes conflicting tables (a given food is acidic in one table, alkaline in the other). Just to orient yourself, look into not only food containing tables:


I am not placing it here for you to read it lengthily but try to observe everything scrupulously and discover (as I recently have done) or know where your favourite food products roughly belong and how they affect your health. With this rough overview, you can make a better choice.

Deacidification, a Fountain of Youth with Acidity’, a book by K. Tepperwein on hyperacidity, mentions, besides the right food choices, drinking (recommends vegetable juices, still water, green tea and warns against sparkling and sweet water, alcohol and coffee), proper breathing (compare daylong shallow breathing in an air-conditioned office with the deep breathing during doing sports in nature) and movement (oxygen deacidificates, as well as exhaling acidic CO2) on the way to reaching the right acid-and-alkaline balance in the body. As for breathing, deep belly breathing is healthier; and concerning movement, 20 minutes of brisk walking, cycling, running or swimming every day can keep us permanently healthy and fit. In doing so, we should sweat at least once a day and our pulse should remain at least for 10 minutes at130 beats per minute. Thus, we stimulate energy in our body, do something for our health and work on our acid-and-alkaline balance while being also happier because doing sports releases endorphins – the hormones of happiness.

On Dr. Norman W. Walker      UP

I am also very grateful for my health to this man and I have already mentioned him several times. He was truly an inspiration and an example thanks to his approach to diet and health. In addition to his other books I absorbed (Become Younger, The Natural Way to Vibrant Health, Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life and Diet & Salad), I used and practiced the most the information contained in the book Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices. It describes in detail the benefits of 55 different types of juices, provides 87 different mixes of these juices followed by a more detailed description of some diseases and recommended juice mixes for those. On inflammatory bowel disease, it states:

Colitis: 61, 30, 1 [recipe numbers] Inflammation of the colon resulting from constipation, and from mental or organic nervousness which, of course, disrupts the digestive processes. The primary cause may usually be traced to the lack of organic live nourishment for the proper functioning of the colon. (Read chapter on Oxalic Acid and on Spinach). Cooked food is composed of dead atoms which cannot nourish or regenerate any of the cells and tissues of the body. Cold buttermilk has been used to soothe the inflamed tissues of the colon while a change-over to a properly prepared raw food diet was in progress; but we must remember that all milk is mucus-forming, so that if it is used in an emergency, it must be used judiciously. It has been found that cooked foods, instead of helping to re-establish normalcy in the colon, have the opposite effect. Finely grated carrots, and other vegetables and fruits similarly prepared, all raw, have been a greater help when properly made fresh, raw juices were also used plentifully. Mineral oils, being inorganic, defeat any attempt to benefit the condition, while drugs are injurious to the system. Enemas have proved of immense benefit. The objection to enemas usually comes from those who need them most but are not sufficiently informed on the subject of nutritional and eliminative physiology. The fear that they are habit-forming is based on lack of knowledge. Cleanliness – whether internal or external – is never harmful.’ It also says that: ‘For adults, at least one pint daily of one or more of the formula combinations indicated have been taken over a period of several weeks to obtain perceptible results.’

The recipes include:

  • recipe no 61: 300g of carrot and 200g of spinach;
  • recipe no 30: 300g of carrot, 100g of cucumber and 100g of beetroot;
  • recipe no 1: carrot.
carrot juice

I was drinking the above juices every day with varying intensity over several weeks. I believe the enemas, healthy diet, drinking these juices and ionized water are the main reasons for the improvement in my health and intestines.

Although we no longer extract the juices from vegetables and fruits several times each day as we were doing from October 2014 until now, we do have those juices at least several times a week.

On food combinations, Dr Walker said: ‘The greatest friends of old age are fermentation and putrefaction. Both these are natural processes of disintegration. That is why they speed up the aging of people. Some fermentation is the result of constructive destruction, but putrefaction is definite degeneration and has no place in the plan to Become Younger. Germs and bacteria were created by Nature to break down and disintegrate waste matter. They are not in the least bit harmful themselves. It is the end product, the sewage of their colonization in the presence of excessive putrefaction that causes the trouble. In the preparation of our meals, every food present represents a chemical combination of elements, atoms and molecules, according to a plan of Nature. When these foods are composed of raw vegetables and fruits the elements composing them are vital, organic, live elements, and can be combined in any desired mixture. Any such mixture is beneficial. The elements combine in a natural manner and the result is beneficial. When foods are processed or cooked, however, the elements composing them have become devitalized. This applies to all foods. Starches, grains and sugars belong to the alkaline category, even though they create an acidic reaction in the body when eaten. In the process of digestion, they require the action of the alkaline digestive fluids. The concentrated proteins, meats, fish, fowl, eggs and dairy products, belong to the acid category and require the acid digestive fluids. When the starches, grains and sugars, generally regarded as carbohydrates, are eaten during the same meal in which any protein is included, we have a serious chemical situation to contend with. The digestion of the carbohydrates is interfered with by the presence of the acidic material, and at the same time the digestion of the proteins remains incomplete in the presence of the alkaline digestive fluids. The result is the fermentation of the carbohydrate and the putrefaction of the proteins.’ What can I say? Just that replacing side dish potatoes, rice, pasta and dumplings by the delicious and healthy vegetables is simple, healthy and good.

On motivation, assertiveness and healthy approach, Dr Walker said: ‘... to disregard the opinions and habits of those who blindly follow what the thoughtless consider fashionable. It is far better to stand on a principle which is clean and pure, than to be polluted by the food and smoke which corrupt, for fear of what others may think. Personally I never hesitate to reject anything that is offered to me, if I know it to be harmful to my system. If the one who urges me to take it, is offended, he or she is not a friend, and I can well dispense with such an individual. I find, however that to stand up for ones principles increases one's esteem in the eyes of others who matter. Those who deride such principles are thoughtless, to say the least. They live in the tunnel which leads to premature decay and old age. As for me, I prefer a better, cleaner way which enables one to Become Younger.’ Here I'd just swap the word ‘fashionable’ for ‘normal’ because what is sold in our hypermarkets in the food section and what is bought, eaten and considered normal by most of society is definitely not normal or healthy.

On cleansing the lymph, Dr Walker in his book Vegetable Juices mentioned in section ‘18 Detoxification’a method which I tried and I highly recommend. The method is described in detail in the book by Dr Walker. In short, it is a cleansing programme in which you drink a saline from Epsom salt that cleanses you. Nothing is eaten during the day; you drink only citrus juice – a total of 2 litres of juice diluted with 2 litres of water and an enema in the evening. Do so for three days. Then gradually move to food through vegetable juices and raw vegetables. Even though I didn’t have much energy on the second and especially the third day of the programme, I felt an increase in vital energy a few days later – more activity, energy and endurance in sports.

Self - Healing Colitis & Crohn’s by David Klein UP

Self - Healing Colitis & Crohn’s book from David Klein is simply perfect. It’s a must read for everybody with UC and I suggest reading it to everybody with interest in health, with trust in yourself and regenerative capabilities of even ill body. Health and rejuvenation approach shared with you in the book is complex and goes into the smallest details. Although I share a lot of experience with author (importance of sleep, food, emotion solving, physical activities..), there are that much of new and discovering information and experience, that web can be considered as subtle intro for author’s 30 years of experience in the field of health and self healing. For the beginning I will tell you, that author stands for eating mainly fresh fruit and vegetables and thanks to the fact, that I’ve spent  December 2015 and January 2016 in New Zealand’s summer, there was nothing more simple and joyful than trying it. For the period of 2 months me and my girlfriend we ate mainly fresh fruit (amazing fresh fruit breakfasts – fruit salads with cinnamon) and vegetables and we both were enjoying these tastes very much. We made a porridge or sweet potatoes (see Inspiration) from time to time or soups. Kate sometimes bought a fish, which I occasionally tried (I used to be able to kill for a salmon in past), but after a bite of it I joyfully returned to my sweet and juicy fruit or refreshing vegetable variant. I don’t intentionally avoid eating meat, but I just don’t miss it that much and if I have a fresh fruit or vegetable alternative, I choose them. Outer result of our transition to fresh food was our another light loosing of weight (2kg aprox). That was never welcomed by our families, that considered our bodies to be too thin. For as far as we are concerned, we let whole world to think whatever suits it best, but we know, that no one is and no one can be anyone’s judge, especially when we feel great in our bodies and our thinness doesn’t limit us even in sport activities. It’s a true, that a being a mover-man wouldn’t be suiting us best, but concerning activities connected with our bodies and its weight, we manage very well. During New Zealand holiday we had among oneday trips possibilities to go also 2 longer tracks (for those, who know: Routerburn and Kepler track), when we passed during 2 days once 50km and over 30km on second time. Both cases were with both uphill and downhill elevation change over 1000m and with a full backpack (tent, sleeping bag, mat, food and fluids) weighting around 15kg. All that notes “oh, you lost weight again” sounds irrelevant after such experience, when I know, that I am capable of functioning well even with the higher load. And more to this, these 2 months preceded to February’s colonoscopy discovering healthy colon (see Introduction). Fruit breakfasts stayed with us even after the return home and we are still not overeated with them (it’s March 2016) and they are predecessed with morning fresh juice (banana, coconut water, spinach and sometimes kiwi or pineapple and cinnamon). Concerning the vegetables we try to include them into the menu as much as possible also due to the fact, that after our return back to home we cannot easily avoid meat in our work.

That’s it for my trying and mainly transition to fresh food promoted by David Klein. Now let’s go to book alone. If I should make it simple, you need to have and read it. Notes I made for myself covers around 23 pages of text. It’s hard to make a reasonable abstract in reasonable volume for it not to be extracted from context too much. I will share just a subtle sample of his experience and knowledge. I wish you to know, that despite of this subtleness, book covers all in details and depth. What follows now, are my notes and extracts, which usually don’t need any more comments.

Author himself had a serious form of UC for painful 8 years. Doctors were offering him two options only: either trying experimental drugs or removing of part of the colon. He refused them both, because they felt too crazy to him. He met a health approach at that same time, that he shares with you in his book and that changed his life and directed him to journey to superb health. His 30 years of experience are proven by thousands of people and they worked with 99% success to those clients, who consistently got into his program.

From the book cover I chose these three quotations: “In Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s we have the blueprint for overcoming IBD.”

“It is a must read for anyone who wants an active role in restoring himself or herself to health.”

“The only true way for healing colitis and almost all other health problems.”

I will share also names of some of the chapters for you to imagine, what topics are covered: self-healing (understanding your self-healing powers, sleep: the source of your self-healing energy, understanding disease, how an unnatural diet causes disease, understanding inflammation, understanding ulceration, understanding detoxification and weight loss, natural hygiene: the science and fine art of healthful living, the prime requisites of health), the colon (wholistic factors in colitis and crohn’s disease), diet & nutrition (dietary factors in colitis and crohn’s disease, vegan nutrition, demystifying vitamin B12, a general guide to food selection, key foods, food combining for digestion perfection, understanding hunger and appetite), vegan healing diet (vegan healing diet guidelines, morning and daytime meal choices, dinner choices, juice healing diet), vegan post-healing diet (vegan post-healing diet guidelines, morning and daytime meal choices, dinner choices, fresh recipes), your new healthful lifestyle (what to expect, health guideposts, avoid pitfalls, the art of rejuvenation, healing touch, sunbathing, exercises), inspiration.

What now follows is all the variety of my notes and remarks:

The way to overcome C&C is to: 1. stop poisoning and enervating the body with drugs, harmful foods and lifestyle stressors, 2. adopt a restful healing program fulfilling our basic health needs, including eating our natural biological diet while allowing the organism to complete the healing process. The body cannot simultaneously accomplish healing while poisons are ingested. Harmful foods include: meat and dairy from any animal source, processed grain products, heated fatty foods including oils, irritants such as spices, salt and onions and all processed “junk foods” and beverages, including coffee.

Disease is not, as is commonly supposed, an enemy at war with the powers of the living organism, but is itself a remedial effort—a process of purification and repair. It is not something to be destroyed, subdued, suppressed, killed or cured, but an intelligent body action to be cooperated with. Nature’s Materia Hygienica consists of light, air, water, food, temperature, exercise, rest, sleep, abstinence, cleanliness and passional influences.

The “seven stages of disease” nominated by Dr. Tilden are: 1. enervation; 2. toxemia, or toxicosis; 3. irritation; 4. inflammation; 5. ulceration; 6. induration; and 7. cancer. It is notable that in some cases even colon cancer has been overcome by making wholistic dietary and lifestyle changes—we obviously want to halt disease at stage one.

Understand that food has no healing power—your body does ALL of the healing. Raw food gives your body the best raw materials it needs to detoxify, create energy and rebuild. Eat to live; don’t live to eat!

Remember that simple is best, and work on resolving any overeating tendencies.

The only permanent “cure” for C&C is healthful living—we cannot get away with toxic habits!

Disease and health don’t just happen—they are caused! In 99% of all disease issues our choices and habits are the culprits. You can change your health condition,

Sleep is the most powerful healing remedy! The body is a “self-curing” marvel! Go to sleep and your body will charge up with healing energy and heal. Nothing else can heal you! That’s 90% of everything you need to know about healing right there.

Extra sleep is what everyone with C&C needs. Ten hours minimum is recommended. More than ten hours is better.

Self-healing energy is only generated when we sleep—it does not come from food or remedies or anything else. There are no exceptions to this physiological process of life.

No matter what we do, only the body can heal itself, and, in each case, it heals in spite of, not because of, our interference. Only the body can heal itself, and there is no force in our lives which is more powerful than its self-healing powers.

We need to cease thinking unhealthful thoughts and cease sending any unhealthful messages to our body, especially our gut. Thoughts of shame, blame, hate, anger, resentment, hopelessness, fear, etc. which produce “bad,” painful or depressed feelings need to be identified and we need to disengage from them.

Fasting (physical, emotional, sensory, and physiologic rest), is the most favorable condition under which an ailing body can purify and restore itself.

Decomposition in the gut happens in these cases: 1. eating foods which are inherently indigestible; 2. eating foods in incompatible combinations; 3. eating too frequently; 4. eating when tired; 5. incomplete chewing.

Solid food must be chewed until thoroughly liquefied. Hurried eating, or eating when tired, tend to result in the swallowing of chunks of unchewed food, creating digestive problems. With thorough chewing—30 to 60 chews per mouthful—the burden on the digestive organs is greatly reduced, indigestion will diminish, and nutrient uptake and bowel health will improve.

An example of a good food combination is fruit eaten alone or with neutral greens (such as lettuce) and/or celery and/or cucumber. Fruit needs to digest and absorb quickly and will not do so if eaten with starches or proteins—gastric distress will ensue under unfavorable digestive conditions. When eaten properly on an empty, clean stomach, ripe fruit is the easiest food of all to digest—it is already predigested in the ripe form.

Another good combination is proteins (e.g., nuts which require acidic digestive juices) with non-starchy vegetables (e.g., lettuce, celery or cucumbers which require neutral digestive juices). Yet another good combination is starches (e.g., corn, squash, potatoes, whole grains) with non-starchy vegetables (e.g., lettuce, celery or cucumber which require neutral digestive juices). Starches require the secretion of alkaline digestive juices/enzymes (e.g., ptyalin and amylase) and proteins require acidic digestive juices/enzymes (e.g., hydrochloric acid, pepsin and trypsin). When we have starchy and proteinaceous foods and the corresponding alkaline and acidic digestive juices mixing together in the stomach, the result is poor digestion and toxemia—the alkaline and acidic digestive enzymes cancel each other out, rendering them ineffective as the starches ferment and the proteins putrefy. This is why meat and bread and potato eaters have putrid bowels, and why they tend to develop C&C and cancer.

Avoid all salt—it’s a toxic, irritating, corrosive, stimulating, enervating and potentially deadly poison.

The hardest thing for the human body to digest is cooked animal protein—it leaves us feeling very weak and tired. Protein, being the most complex of all food elements, makes its utilization the most complicated.

The author has never seen or heard of a case of complete and lasting healing of C&C where the person continued to eat meat.

Ripe bananas, papayas, peeled apples, pears, grapes, mangos, dates and melons have given C&C sufferers the best healing results. Ripe bananas stand out as the best of all foods for promoting healing of C&C and restoring the formation of stools; they may be eaten as the predominant food during and after the healing phase.

Because fruits require very short retention time in the stomach, they must always be eaten alone, on an empty stomach, in order to prevent fermentation. Fruit should not be eaten within six hours after eating cooked food, or better yet, wait until the next day’s breakfast.

Eat fruits and veggies with confidence, knowing that you are supplying yourself with the world’s most nutritious foods.

Fruit is the most naturally delicious and energizing food and is the perfect breakfast food.

Eat fruit only on an empty stomach. Do not mix protein foods or fats with starchy foods.

The problem is not that we should eat a great variety in hope of making sure to get all the nutrients needed, but, rather, to eat simply to afford our bodies every opportunity to easily digest and appropriate what the foods offer.

Author also widely covers the topic of hunger, appetite and reasons, why we really eat. It could be a spiritual journey working with our addictions to tastes and food through observing our inner “needs”. In fact, there are only three essential reasons to eat: 1. to nourish our bodies when we experience true hunger; 2. to hydrate our bodies when we are thirsty; and 3. to fuel our bodies before and during rigorous work and exercise. Eating for any reason other than the three essentials is, to a greater or lesser degree, not healthful.

The key to healthful eating is mindful body awareness. This practice leads to self-knowledge, which is the gateway to health, freedom and longevity. As conscious beings, we have the ability to develop our self-awareness on our pathway to self-mastery. With regard to eating, it is beneficial to observe our food cravings, appetites, food choices, the manner in which we eat, what our mind is doing while we eat, our emotions and our body’s sensations during and after eating.

Work on eating only when you are truly hungry, that is, when your body is sending a signal that it needs fuel. Become aware of emotional and other habitual eating patterns. Practice mindfulness.

It is beneficial to space out meals at a minimum of three to five hours. Conversely, frequent meals can impose a constant drain of energy. Spacing out meals will allow time for the body’s energies to focus on other tasks such as healing.

Starches require 4 to 6 hours. Fatty high-protein foods require about 6 to 12 hours. If the gut is in distress and bowel movements are occurring frequently, it will be impossible for the starches and fatty high-protein foods to digest completely—they will decompose in the gut, causing more gastrointestinal distress while impeding healing.

Do not eat within two hours of bedtime. Do not eat a large meal within three hours of bedtime.

Become aware of your resistance to going deeper within. This resistance is exactly what you need to learn about, delve into deeply, befriend and move through.

Clarify your windows of perception via a purifying, vegan diet of mostly fruit and, if necessary, fasting on water. Eat simply and within your digestive limits. Avoid excessive cooked foods and fatty foods (raw and cooked)—they cloud your clarity, dull your senses and inhibit your ability to access information from within.

Learn to say “yes” to your guiding sense and “no” to nonsense.

Steamed vegetables and potatoes are the safest cooked foods.

The body will not rebuild itself unless it is given a reason to do so; only in response to exercise will the body build a better body.

Concluding the Journey to Health

I was absorbing and gradually practicing the so far mentioned information for a year – from October 2014 until now (September 2015). I underwent a sigmoidoscopy in December 2014 and nothing was found. Until then, I took Salofalk 2-0-2. I explained and described the tremendous changes in lifestyle and diet to my gastroenterologist, which I adjusted and maintained(since the beginning of 2014 without bread and gluten, without added sugars, carbohydrate side dishes and milk from August, without alcohol even longer; the consumption of large quantities of vegetables and juices). In the beginning, he was impressed by the raw vegetables but then he agreed with me and concluded that science seemed to come to the fact that starches and carbohydrates might be sometimes the cause and their omission the way and he agreed (at my risk) with further testing the discontinuation of Salofalk and a colonoscopy in about a year in December 2015.

I haven’t taken medication for almost a year, my weight returned to 66 kg (it decreased by about 3 kg during the residue-free diet and by another 3 kg during the Paleo diet) and the only problem I have is not the result of what I eat but how much I eat.

Because I like everything I eat and it is another challenge for me – not to overeat needlessly and to eat the amount I really need and not the amount I want. I function without limitation, handle the sports load, and during a month of travelling around New Zealand in January 2015, I ate on fresh vegetables, fruits, salads prepared from them, nuts, porridge, sweet potatoes and the occasional fish. I thrived both in health and physically as well as on various mountain treks while staying in a van (except for the kitchen facilities at home) :)

I have been on the life and diet mode mentioned at the end of the previous chapter for about a year since October 2014, and besides overeating, I like it, it suits me, it is enough, and I feel great and manage all sports activities without restrictions. I think this is also enough time for it to make any nutritional, vitamin or element deficiency manifest. But I don’t think that there is any shortage due to the fact that I have more energy, zest for life and activities. Anyway, I’m going to do the hair elemental analysis again, just to check. I also have the colonoscopy check-up in December 2015, including a blood analysis which I am curious about because the last time my cholesterol was increased (after a month and a half of a strict Paleo diet). I will then post the results of the tests here.

Before I close my entire Journey to Health, I mention my experience with a visit to Mrs Uhlířová and Igor, which are the last experience I gained along the way. For the very end, I saved the most powerful tool for the mind (driver) –meditation.

Thai herapy

I have had great respect for Lucie Uhlířová and her therapies for many years. Once every few years I (start to) feel that I should go to her, and so it happened in the spring of 2015. I don’t know which labels to use to identify the methods used on me anymore :), but her and not-her websites say: Thai therapy, craniosacral therapy, diagnosis and treatment of causes, macrobiotics…

Past sessions showed me that she has a tremendous ability to help me get into my deep and temporally distant past by answering the questions that are (though unspoken) in me, that her intuition and ability to detect health/physical condition and states of my mind is admirable, and that I’ve always walked away from her highly enriched, sometimes even internally moved and sometimes I’ve been running on the energy and feeling from the session for several days.

Describing the details from the sessions is not necessary as we’re all different, but this year’s meetings have brought me experience similar to those of the past. I felt that this was exactly what I needed (including an assurance that I am, even as far as health is concerned, on the right track), realized and lived some more insights (again, the question of death of the body and my ‘self’, impermanence in general, awareness of the non-death of my substance). I also received several ‘tools’ (procedures) for visualization or short meditation, which I put into my daily meditation practice. I left feeling a strong sense of gratitude with a smile in my heart and a question in my mind of when and what life situation would bring me back to her. Thank you!


Igor Sergienko and his therapy were similarly unbelievable to me to all the previously mentioned ‘alternative’ methods of diagnosis and work with a client. What was completely new and surprising for me and why he is predominantly mentioned is a new perspective on the health of my body and intestines. Among other things, Igor knew that (although I was just lying on a couch) I had problems with my right knee and I had an injury in torsion (the body in rotation), which I negated because no such injury ever happened to me. As for the knee, the only injury I had was in 2002 and the knee has been functioning just fine until now; it acted up a few times over the years only after extreme exercise. The actual condition of the knee was discovered by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in early 2013 because, aside from the outbreak of the inflammatory bowel disease, my knee became swollen after sports at the time and it didn’t want to get better and, for about two months, they removed water from it every week. The MRI revealed that I had an 11-year-old torn anterior cruciate ligament, which I hadn’t known.

An interesting thing is that the suspected injury of the body torsion/rotation was true; although I hadn’t had this injury, but thanks to the ever swollen knee in 2013 I was limping for two months dragging my right leg and part of the body behind myself and walking forward using the left one and bending it in the same way as the left part of the body. When you try to walk with your right leg outstretched, you’ll find that two months of unbalanced body bending and the pressure in the abdomen apparently really affected the intestine. Maybe that was why the linear/splenic flexure of the large intestine was my most sensitive point within the UC and even now, I sometimes feel the passage of gas or light occasional tension when I really overeat. However, Igor performed his treatment on me and my condition improved and I feel the intestine in this way only exceptionally.

I shared this example to show you that even seemingly unrelated knee injury + the state of the knee can have an impact (not only) on the intestine and its perception and sensitivity.


Meditation and work with the mind is a large and important part of my life, but its a completely different story... For mind itself and its stability and development, there is no better way than meditation. I warmly recommend.

This concludes my story for now, I told you everything.

Of course, there is a huge amount of different journeys to health. I tried to show you the possibilities that I have experienced myself, and I hope the offered views, information and experiences enriched you and that they will help you and your loved ones to a healthier, happier, more stable and more harmonious life.

Martin :O)


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