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Although each chapter makes sense on its own, I believe that the greatest benefit is provided by following my relatively longer story gradually as I was gaining experience and knowledge chronologically. The mosaic of stories and sequences thus makes more sense.





What I eat is actually the Paleo diet, as described in the book Food First with a little variation in the form of not avoiding carbohydrates as in gluten-free porridge. I avoid eating potatoes, rice and pasta. I love sweet potatoes, though. I also eat legumes (except peanuts). The Paleo recipes are written in many books and websites on that you can find yourself. What I mention here can only serve as inspiration for both cooking at home and long-term functioning during travelling when it is always much more difficult to eat healthily.

Cooking at Home

To show the variety of healthy eating, I share this table on what I eat. Adjustment, spices, seasoning is individual as you know what you like the most. I use coconut oil for almost every cooked food from this table providing the meals with healthy fat and pleasantly sweetish smell and taste. So in a way, I still like sweets, only in this healthy form. I describe porridge and sweet potatoes mentioned in the table closely.


I dare to say that I have brought the porridge to perfection through various experimentations. It contains a lot of carbs, so I don’t eat it every day but ca. once in two days, I want to have variety. Although they may look different, everyone liked them (even the sceptics). At one event, I was preparing porridge for about 40 people and they all approved the choice of the name, the ‘luxurious-date-millet-buckwheat-banana-coconut-poppy-seed-sesame porridge with fruit‘. 

Moreover, the preparation is simple and quick; for one person: 

  • give a handful of chopped dates in boiling water
  • while the dates are getting soft, cut one banana into small pieces
  • put instant buckwheat porridge/flakes as well as instant millet porridge/flakes to keep the consistency runny/watery because it’ll be further thickened (you can eventually water it down or condense it by adding more porridge, coconut and poppy seeds), stir thoroughly [the porridge contains 100% peeled buckwheat or millet, no chemical additives], remove after about 2min of boiling
  • add sliced ​​banana that will soften nicely or breakdown and sweeten the porridge even more
  • add grated coconut and poppy seeds (ground, no sugar) in any quantity which will again make the porridge thicker
  • sprinkle slightly with peeled sesame seeds
  • add and mix with a spoonful of coconut oil which gives the porridge unctuousness and a pleasant smell and taste
  • another unnecessary variation of taste is possible by adding a spoonfulof the Iswari breakfast mix when the porridge gets cooler
  • finally, sprinkle with fruit (ideally blueberries, raspberries, and/or strawberries).

The taste of porridge can vary depending on the amount of ingredients, I personally like e.g. like poppy seeds and coconut oil a lot, but your imagination and experimentation has no limits. The porridge tastes great (maybe more) even matured. 

Sweet Potatoes

I discovered this gem no sooner than at 34 years old, and I feel that I had to make up for the shortfall, because I adore them. Contrary to the ordinary (not recommended by the Paleo diet) multi-starch potatoes, these have many advantages. This article detailing both types eliminates the widely known gap between potatoes and sweet potatoes; nevertheless, sweet potatoes are still the winner for me. I love sweet potatoes alone or with e.g. a salmon steak with vegetable salad.  

I like baked sweet potatoes the most:

  • choose sweet potatoes of similar size (so that they bake at the same rate), wash whole sweet potatoes, cut mostly suspicious ends off and make several deep holes about 2 cm away from one another using a knife to enable the liquid to run out of the sweet potatoes while being baked, which is very difficult to clean should it splatter an oven if no holes are made
  • bake the sweet potato at about 160 °C depending on the size for about 40 minutes, until they are completely soft and their peel starts to almost sink
  • after removing, the sweet potato peel almost peels away by itself (if they are less baked, peeling them is harder)
  • there is no need to cut them after peeling, they are almost mashed; I add coconut oil to give them a pleasant smell and soften the taste
  • I wash them down with home-made Tibetan fungus kefir as its taste fits perfectly with the baked sweet potatoes for me.

Thus prepared sweet potatoes are an incredible delicacy, one of our visitors had three helpings (hello Gabča), although she was full according to her words. I have several times found myself approaching the luxury salmon steak on a plate in front of me as if I wanted to eat it as soon as possible so that I could reward myself with enjoying those sweet potatoes. Take a look here to see what magic can be done with baked sweet potatoes. It already makes my mouth water.

A slight variation of the above procedure, unless you want to wait 40 minutes to bake sweet potatoes, is the possibility to cut them into slices and bake them in this way. The advantage is quicker baking; the disadvantage is harder peeling of each slice and sometimes less perfect taste due to drying out the sweet potatoes.

 My last variant is boiled sweet potatoes:

  • peel the sweet potatoes, cut into cubes and boil until tender
  • meanwhile, prepare sweet, caramelized sautéed or slow-cooked onion in a pan (I like red the most)
  • drain the water from sweet potatoes, add the onion, don't forget the coconut oil and mix together
  • the resulting mash is again fabulous.

Baking Cakes

I’ve really started to bake cakes, finding it out will put a smile on the face of anyone who knows me.

The process is simple, very variable, varied according to the used ingredients and their quantities and the result is amazing. Let me illustrate with ingredients for 2 baking sheets. The quantities are indicative only, each cake is different, the ingredients are used proportionately; I don’t weigh them so bake your cake according to what you like and then change them variously and experiment.

  • put 2 spoonfuls of flaxseeds and 2 spoonfuls of chia seeds into a bowl, pour water
  • stir and let the water soak up until it forms a gel, if it’s too thick, add water
  • add 2 handfuls of finely chopped dates into a large bowl 
  • cut up 5 apples, chop finely 5 bananas, add it all to the dates; add the gel when appropriately gelled (after approx. 15 minutes)
  • sprinkle with around 300 g of poppy seeds and about 300 g of grated coconut, possible to add sesame seeds
  • you can also add some other fruits (apricots, plums, blueberries, raspberries, etc.), yet for me, poppy seeds with coconut are enough
  • mix thoroughly and adjust the consistency (by adding poppy seeds/coconut, or more of the gel/banana/apple)
  • (so that the batter is sufficiently held together while being not too thin)
  • put evenly on a baking sheet up to about a 1.5 cm thick layer
  • bake at ca. 150 °C for ca. 30 minutes
  • check when it starts to smell nice, if it’s not too wet and pull out of the oven so it won’t get too dry
  • I sprinkle it traditionally with coconut oil and wash it down with home-made kefir

I find it incredibly delicious and very hearty thanks to the ingredients used. Therefore, it is also useful to have it in a box for travelling because it fills up quickly.

There is a large amount of possibilities for this cake, so experiment. I have tested a crispier cake based largely on flaxseeds without apples and bananas. Or, you can use pieces of nuts or sliced ​​almonds, dried fruits, spices (cinnamon, chilli, etc.). Again, engage in a flight of fancy.

Amazing Raw balls UP
They are amazingly tasteful, simple, fast to do and ovation receiving everywhere.

On internet there is a huge ammount of recipes, i will just share these two tried and proven variants:

Blend a cup of soaked dates (without the cup) and ¾ of cup of walnuts, add a spoon of cacao powder, spoon of coconut oil, palmful of linseeds, cover with sesame seeds. Simple and perfect.

Or 2nd variant: soaked dates again, cashew, coconut, coconut oil, hemp protein powder (to add flavour, not obligatory).

Number of variants is as big, as tastes and inspiration is, try to experiment with it, it's worth it.

Eating on the Go

It’s easy here; I show you the healthy products that I discovered and that help me work when I'm somewhere outside of the shops of civilization, on a trek, camping, or even on the road. The criterion for the selection is natural ingredients, without chemicals, added sugar, gluten or lactose.

If I go somewhere where I know it won’t be for some time possible to eat or shop for healthy food, I take with myself mostly: 1 litre of ionized water, as well as vegetables, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, my own healthy filling cake, baked sweet potatoes put in aluminium foil. The list covers my hunger for at least two days without the food getting spoiled.

For longer travelling without the possibility of using a cooker, I use the following products:

These bars are a good energy boost in nature; they are too energy packed as regular sweets at home. But I sometimes enjoy them at home, too.

For longer travelling with the possibility of using a cooker, I use the following products:

  • Gluten-free (buckwheat, millet) porridge which I mentioned earlier or even the Iswari breakfast mixes
  • Full-featured delicious food– gluten-free TravelLunch (mostly with rice) that you just pour boiling water over and wait
  • Expres Menu ‘A real meal wherever you want’ with a large selection and choice of allergens
  • Real Turmat expedition food

As for the theory on meals on the trek, an information-rich view (but without the dietary aspect) on nutrition during travelling in nature is provided by the website nalehko.

As you see, these examples of options of healthy, tasty meals provide an easy choice to live healthily and have tasty food both at home with your kitchen and shops and in nature with a backpack.

Where there is a will there is a way, or he who wants seeks possibilities. I hope I have sufficiently demonstrated the possibilities, and that your life and your loved ones will be healthier, happier, richer and tastier along with your diet

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