or everything has its beginning...

Firstly I wish to put a stress on a fact, that I don't claim, that I have a definitive cure for everybody, because everybody is different. Please consider all here as an inspiration. It is up to you only, to take whatever you like. I don't mean to offend anybody, who already knew and/or tried any of provided information and didn't work for them. I also deeply respect everybody fighting IBD by any other means. Wish you all the best!

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I was not satisfied with this ‘life‘ label, and looked for possibilities and paths instead. I am not a doctor and I have no formal medical training. Nor am I a happy owner of a patent on reason. The only thing I have is my experience and observations that I feel might be useful to share with you. We all are an individual mix of mind sets, genes, predispositions, habits, tastes, lifestyle, the environment, etc., and what forms us and differentiates us. Therefore, everyone prefers something else. What can be found on this site is my story, my search in the sea of offers, my journey to health and finally, finding what I personally prefer, what I sometimes overwhelmingly like, what is colourful, what makes me feel good and with more energy and enthusiasm for life.

‘Ulcerative colitis (UC, inflammatory bowel disease) is life-long; we do not know how it is caused and how to get rid of it. You stick to a residue-free diet, take anti-inflammatory pills (Salofalk 500mg) and it will be a permanent source of health problems for you,’ it maybe not be exactly literal, but this is what a senior doctor said about my diagnosis after a year of researching what was wrong with my gut in January 2014. I did not believe it, I thought it was unrealistic, impossible that something was permanent, could not be changed if I tried really hard. I left his surgery taking his statement as a challenge. Now, I can say for myself (doctors decide after a colonoscopy) that I had UC, and the past tense is appropriate because I am not on the residue-free diet suggested by the doctor, I have no problems and have not taken medication for more than a year. I respect the diagnosis; on the other hand, I have a strong confidence in the recovery of the body and power of the mind. I believe that I have my life in my own hands and my body and mind have the potential to change many things together (when I do the best for me and my health). I have a good feeling about everything, but of course, only time will tell. Whether it continues to evolve in any direction, it is a tremendous enrichment and life change towards better health and functioning for me anyway. If it inspires someone or even helps someone in anything, all the better. However, let’s do this gradually...

[Update 21st February 2016: By the order of gastroenterologist I was get rid of 4 ampuls of blood and one of stool at the end of 2015. Results covering 3 sheets of A4 format paper described state of hematology, biochemistry, lipid metabolism, iron metabolism, hormons, bone metabolism, coagulant examination and immunology. All the results are, except for a few deviations, in norm and quoting the gastroenterologist: “results are very good and even the inflammatory markers don’t show us anything.”

Next step was colonoscopy at the beginning of year 2016. It happened just now – in the middle of February. It has been a 15 months since I don’t take any drugs (Salofalk) and I eat, what’s the opposite of residuefree diet suggested by the doctors: I regularly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, that are for last 2 months main part of my menu. Huge inspiration in this for me was a “Colitis&Crohn bible”, amazing “Selfhealing C&C” by David Klein, which from bottom of my heart I sincerely suggest for you to read and which I will describe more in detail later. Concerning the eating the nuts and seeds I don’t limit myself.

February’s colonoscopy dived through large intestine even into depths of 20cm of small intestine and discovered both in completely healthy state. Doctor’s report stated: “..completely normal endoscopic findings, mucous membrane calm with typical vascular drawing. Resume: UC in full remission”. I asked the doctor about possibility of removing the UC diagnosis due to the fact, that I am over a year without medicine, without residuefree diet (what I eat is opposite to it) and mainly because I am symptomless and problemless. He said, that we will wait, cause symptoms may come back and that we would lose possibility of regular checks/colonoscopies with removing the diagnosis. We planned to make next colonoscopy check in 2019 and agreed to meet in summer 2016 in order to talk about other options. One of them might be reevaluating the diagnosis.]

The entire website is designed as self-perceived; we are not only walking tangible physical boxes – bodies, but complex beings functioning on interacting levels of body, speech and mind, and therefore any of these parts cannot be overlooked when trying to treat (only) one of them.

I share my story and my journey to health which I took looking for solutions to my inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in quite a personal way with you on this site. After a major change in lifestyle, I have greatly enhanced the end of this chapter of life, without drugs and without any hassles. I share everything as I gradually discovered and experienced it; let it inspire you, show you options and provide direction that would come in handy after my initial colonoscopy, not knowing almost anything mentioned herein. The target group includes you if you have problems with your bowels, digestion, chronic (systemic or travelling) inflammation, autoimmune disease, motivation to change your lifestyle, inspiration, but even if you are at least a little interested in what you eat and how to life healthy(-ier).

For a website, it is a relatively comprehensive autobiographical documentary based only on actual events, yet I think reading it sequentially from the beginning is the most useful. Though, the (sub)chapters make sense individually. I was writing as I would like (and mainly need) to hear everything myself from someone from the very beginning: directly and (self-)critically. Not what I, ‘would want’, but rather ‘would need’ as we prefer to hear/listen to what we think so than we can confirm the correctness of our opinions and behaviour. We do not like to hear that what we have been doing/eating our entire lives is not entirely correct and healthy and that we have to ‘slightly’ change if we want to change the (not just health-related) direction of our lives.

At the beginning, it is thus important to realize that we do not like changes and that our habits and addictions have become very strong over years or decades of consolidating them. However, change means not being rudimentary, develop, transform and grow. You just have to think about the fact that our entire previous life led us into this situation and this state of health. Therefore, it is easy to see our future direction if we continue without changing our lifestyle. If you really want to change that direction and yourself, accountability, choice and the rate of change is yours, no one else’s.

Reasons and motivations to write my story were many:

  • writing down the experience and information I gained, the effort to put them all together, put them in one place
  • handing over sometimes hard gained experience to those who have not had the luck to find their own journey of health and taste
  • desire to help others by showing possibilities and directions of their healthier functioning
  • giving strength and hope not only to people with this diagnosis
  • demonstrating that your health can really be improved greatly and strengthened with changes to your lifestyle

The next and probably final reason for the creation of this site was what I realized only at the beginning of writing this introduction – I did it for myself as well. I went through this one great chapter in my life again, wrote it down and created a final product to pass on, so for me this chapter is finally closed and I can go further, much enriched. I wish my journey will bring the most to as many people for as long as possible and they will enjoy reading my story.

P.S. A disease can also be viewed as a change that you need, even if you do not ask for it. The change that will move you in a direction that would not be otherwise voluntarily taken because of addictions and tastes, a change that will enrich you with things you did not know exist. When your illness is handled, you feel gratitude for all this enrichment and perceive the illness as a gift because it made you better and a better functioning man. Stacey Kramer and her 3-minute confession was a great inspiration to me.

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