gives strength to maintain direction
and overcome obstacles

We live in the information age; we can search and find everything instantly by ourselves. We are even overloaded with information about what is and is not healthy. Leaving aside the quality of information, one of the questions is how much do we in fact follow this information, or why don’t we follow it that much? The answer may be our inner battle of strong (bad) habits vs. the strength of our motivation backed with variously sufficient information. I’m not saying that the journey is easy and fast. But you must admit that when we are stuffing ourselves with mostly processed food and junk food for our entire lives, then it takes some time for your body to heal itself after moving to a healthy lifestyle. This fact may be an insurmountable obstacle for you if you do not have strong motivation and determination or if you have strongly established weak will. It may happen that you are rather impatient as a result of the current hurried times and quick solutions. Therefore, this (quick, convenient, relatively passive, not-forcing-radical-changes-in-unhealthy-lifestyle and especially transferring-responsibility-for-one’s-health-largely-on-a-doctor) ‘solution’ of health problems in the manner of ‘I go to the doctor, get pills, take pills’ may seem as the likely choice. However, pills resolve consequences rather than the cause.

I suggest not reading further if you’re lazy or insufficiently motivated for major changes, or if you’re satisfied with the state of your health and do not want to change too much, or if you do not admit that your life and health could be the result of only your actions. You will save yourself a lot of time and can comfortably continue to blame fate, chance, parents, genes, partners, children, political parties, neighbours as well as weather for your life, health and misfortune.

On the contrary, I welcome you who have your life (for some destiny) firmly in your hands. I guarantee you that it works, that the human body is an amazing invention capable of regeneration, and the gradual change for better functioning will always kick in and give you the energy to continue.

Alpha and Omega is the motivation, which applies to all our activities we plan to do for a longer time. Working on health is no exception. When you want e.g. to learn perfect English or be a competitive swimmer, you won’t get very far with learning/training 2 times per week. If you want to really learn something, if you want to be really good at something, then you need to use all your energy, will, and your entire being. If you really want to, then it goes without saying. Do you agree? This also applies to health, lifestyle, and diet. However, if you still quite don’t want it (or maybe you do, but not at the cost of too great a ‘sacrifice’), you need to work on your motivation first.


Actually, everything is about the motivation, will, self-discipline – that is about ourselves. When your motivation is strong enough, you're going to behave naturally as you know is healthy and avoiding unhealthy products will not be suffering, but happiness. It is therefore a good idea to take your (longer) time and sit down at the beginning of such a journey, think about yourself and tell yourself how and what I have done to get there (into this situation)? What do I really want? Where do I want to go? Where do I want this path to lead me? Will I ‘reward’ myself with a carrot or watermelon instead of a chocolate bar after a hard day and enjoy it? Now, read the previous sentence without the question mark at the end. It is not a positive suggestion, but your possible reality.

Believe me, I learned a lot about breaking diets during those nearly 3 years. Now, I have no problem with it. The terminology is also interesting: the word ‘diet’ suggests avoiding eating something. I am thus missing something which, of course, I generally do not want. But when the diet is renamed to‘healthy eating’, then I actually avoid eating healthily, which I certainly do not want, and therefore I’m not missing out. Psychologically, the renaming or other viewing works completely reversely – at least for me.

Therefore, everything is about an internal setting, gained information and experience. When, for example, I literally stuff myself with cashews in the evening and it can be seen in the toilet next morning that it was not good for my gut, then I may weakly repeat it several times within a few months. From the moment it finally teaches me a lesson, I will eat a little when I will feel like having them again, and my will and motivation will begin to be finally getting gradually stronger than the bad habits and tastes thanks to this experience. Of course, everyone will need something else to fight their habits, everybody is different.


Strong motivation is therefore practical to develop, grow and remind yourself. If the will is lagging, it’s good to realize why I decided to go in that direction and what is my goal –health. Because that motivation is the engine that will drive you further through the obstacles of unhealthy habits. And just as one cigarette does not kill a smoker after all, you probably survive one misstep as well, which is not meant as an example of looking for excuses but the example of weakened motivation and will. Of course, these missteps will happen when you try to radically change the diet. I was lucky that I got to the current state gradually through various directions and diets. In the end, I did not have such a big problem as I would have had if I’d removed all junk food from day to day. Therefore I suggest to cultivate patience (no self-flagellation for a misstep) as well as rigor (to prevent a weak will becoming a trend) – as a kind parent naturally loves his child, even when the child misbehaves.


In short, it is practical to develop relaxed pressure on oneself, find the balance and harmony in it and know where are you heading in the long term and gradually get there. Unfortunately, it is not possible without developing strong motivation and inner conviction, but also the amount of information (e.g. about the harmfulness of food). That is why I will be sharing my whole story. It might be enough to just read it for you to not having to search, misstepping that much, and you will manage to go through the entire journey more easily than me. Good luck!

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