everything you meet along the way counts



Perhaps you’re the one needing not to read my long story of searching and testing. Maybe all you need are all my accumulated experience summarized in this bit of information contained in this chapter. What I went through and especially what I actually achieved during the search? What is the result and product of it all? How have I been living and what have I been eating since October 2014?

To sum it up, it’s a combination of all of the following:

  • discovery and processing of my inner deep unresolved issues
  • setting the mind on healing – real decision
  • stabilization of motivation – important for a long journey
  • initial series of bowel cleansing enemas
  • healthy diet and natural products:
    • i.e. the basic ingredients – vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, healthy fats, porridge
    • gluten-free – not just in baked goods
    • dairy-free (except healthy forms – Tibetan fungi, kefir, which I like a lot)
    • no added sugar (sugar is hidden under a variety of differently healthy-looking labels in almost everything!)
    • no smoking
    • no food industry supplied additives(artificial flavours not occurring in nature in such extreme levels making us addicted to them because of their intensity)
    • no food products (packaged processed (poisonous) food products with the contents of a package exceeding a few words)
  • healthy drinking:
    • luxurious health supporting home-made 2x daily juiced vegetable juices
    • sufficient fluid intake
    • alkaline/ionized water
    • only matcha, greenor ginger tea
    • no sweet soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, bubbles...knowing that what I pour thought my throat with the amazing taste gives me strength, regeneration and health (and not headaches, glycaemic peaks and falls in the form of a kick and then falling asleep, dehydration, acidosis, belching, heartburn, intoxication, bad breath, etc.), the choice is really simple
  • healthy lifestyle:
    • sleeping!
    • sports
    • alertness and higher concentration (less talking) while eating, not rushing and chewing properly, greater involvement of smell, taste and sight while eating
    • the right combination of food
    • drinking with a minimum of 30min interval from eating
    • mind set – an awareness of life’s priorities, meaningful and fulfilling activities, use of time
  • and again, the mind set – optimism, faith in ourselves and in healing, will, hard work, harmony in relationships and life
  • meditation!

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